Articles with #ngconf

  • ng-conf 2020 Day3 Note
    2020-04-04 Day #3 Keynote Igor Minar Minko Gechev Balancing DX & UX Web platform Uniquitous Accessible Malleable Evolving, yet stable Eosystem built with many tools / libs / patterns No one likes waiting DX vs UX -> UX and DX Angular’s goal Off to a good start with ng new providing good default fast iteration cycle production optimization Ivy UX improvement: bundle size down DX improvements: build/test Analytics performance Use source-map-explorer (strongly recommended) instead of webpack-bundle-analyzer (tree-shaking issue) issues big CSS animations dependency Zone.
  • ng-conf 2020 Day 2 Note
    Domain-Driven Design and Angular Manfred Steyer How to create sustainable Angular architecture with ideas from DDD. Not to create tiny app in quickly DDD Strategic Design: Decomposing System -> Design <=== Tactical Design: Design Pattern + Practice -> Design Example: e-Procurement System Subdomains Catalog Approval Ordering Specification Domains dependency Protecting from breaking change Shared Kernal: Bad everyone be responsible === no one be responsible API Approach Each domain has its own API Communicate over subdomains Monorepo Each subdomain has its own Lib project Protecting from framework version conflict No burden with publishing libs (internal libs) Share lib to other apps/companies via npm Domain has features Feature = Smart Usecase Components Composing Dumb UI Components Access restriction via API Domain -> Application / Domain Model / Infrastructure Domain models / Infrastructue don’t know about state management Layering options All options restrict accesses between layers.
  • ng-conf 2020 Day1 Note
    Day 1 Keynote OSS and communities Developer Relations User stories Who is Angular for ? for Google for the world Angualr is in Google Core OSS project highly invested 1500+ projects in 2019 2000+ ing Spring 2020 V9 10k+ Public v9 Apps march 2020 Developer satisfaction growing ng-family v9 v9.1 3/25 Ivy Big project Smaller / Faster / Simpler Simpler Tree-shaking Less generated code More processing in runtime Bundle size vs v8 small -30% / mid -2% / large -25-40% Faster Builds separate dep compilation ngcc compile per package on demand No JSON conversion No metadata.