Articles with #webpack

  • webpack と ES Module Import Assertions についての調査
    ES Module の Import Assertions が各環境で使えるようになるのも遠くない。 しかし現実のユースケースではまだまだモジュールバンドラーを使ってデプロイ前にモジュール解決
  • Angular: Comlink を使った Web Worker の導入
    Web Workerは Web 開発の重要な要素として注目を集めている。そしてComlinkは、Web Worker を使った開発を楽しめるように GoogleChrome チームによって作成さ
  • Angular: Dynamic Importing Large Libraries
    This post explains how to import large 3rd-party libraries into your Angular application without pain on initial payload size. Example: Chart.js in Angular Chart.js is a popular library to render rich charts. It contains a lot of features and its payload size is huge. To use it in your Angular application, typically you write a import statement in TypeScript code and call it like the below; import { Component, ViewChild, ElementRef } from "@angular/core"; // Import ‘chart.
  • Enjoyable WebWorkers in Angular
    Web Workers have attracted the attention as one of the most important things of web development. Comlink is a JavaScript library created by Google Chrome team to make WebWorkers enjoyable. It provides an easy way to communicate with classes defined in Worker-side. This post explains how to integrate Comlink with your Angular application that created by Angular CLI. By using Comlink, You will be able to move away heavy processing off-the-main-thread easily and make JavaScript bundles smaller by code separation.
  • Angular AoT Compilation with webpack
    How to use @ngtools/webpack.